Would you like to transform your weaknesses into strengths and open up to possibilities rather than focus on limitations? Before I started practising yoga I often experienced my body as an obstacle. It didn’t match the ideals of the society nor my own expectations. What I didn’t realize was that all bodies have their own prerequisites and their own possibilities. My first interaction with yoga made me revaluate myself and my body. After a little more than a decade of yoga practice, the biggest gift is still the realization that my body offers unique possibilities instead of obstacles. Yoga helped me to accept my body as well as my situation and opened my eyes for the amazing treasures I had at hand.  With Be In Yoga I would like to share with you the tools I have found so we can discover more of our wonderful treasures together!

My name is Madelene. I have practiced yoga for the last 10 years and taught yoga since 2013. During the journey I have been inspired and guided by many amazing teachers such as Anja Bergh, Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Simon Krohn to name a few.

Be In Yoga

Be In Yoga is for you who wants to explore yourself by using techniques developed to expand, integrate and cultivate awareness of body and mind. We explore the body sense through asana (physical yoga poses), meditation and experiential anatomy where we nurture our body awareness through experience. We strive to deepen the understanding about how we, as individuals, interrelate as a whole.

It suits you who prefer a versatile yoga practice and is ready to listen to the inner teacher just as much as the outer one. You own the experience within your body. The power of transformation will therefore come from yourself and not from the one leading the class. You are encouraged to honour your individual structure and your unique expression. You will be guided, but without any constraint to create a form or feeling that matches someone else’s.

We meet each other on the mat where we deepen the contact with our bodies and find the inherent intelligence within. Each class has a theme that relates the inner to the outer. We explore connections within the bodies’ physiological and anatomical systems as we initiate movement from e.g. our skin, bones, muscles or other organs. The different systems all have their own language and feeling for what movement is. Some of us may for example have a tendency to be tense and carry the body using a lot of muscle power. The yoga practice may in that case help us to discover the wonderful support and power offered by the inner architecture made up our skeleton. Maybe we can find a higher sense of freedom and possibility to expand when we move from the heart rather than according to predetermined outer shapes. The exploration is endless!