Why Be In Yoga?

Would you like to transform your weaknesses into strengths and open up to possibilities rather than focus on limitations? Before I started practising yoga I often experienced my body as an obstacle. The yoga practise led me into accepting my body and my situation, thereby revealing what I had at hand. It turned out to be a treasure!

Come and let me share with you the tools I have found so we can discover more of our wonderful treasures together!

I teach yoga classes, yoga workshops and arrange empowering women's circles at various locations in and around Göteborg. You book your classes and workshops by clicking the ‘Boka tid’-button below. The home page for the time booking service is unfortunately still in Swedish. If you find it difficult to complete the booking procedure, please send an email regarding your request to madelene@beinyoga.se.

News: Empowering Women’s Circles

During the spring of 2018 You are invited to a series of empowering women's circles! These circles are unique opportunities for women to meet up, receive and offer support to one another. If we want to see a change in the world we need to be the change! We need to start a community, cooperate and care for each other. For more information, check out the Events page.

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